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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pregnancy Update

Well, here we are again. FOUR months pregnant. I can hardly believe! Thankfully, I'm feeling so good and still have another couple of weeks before my next check-up. In fact, I guess I don't have that much news in pregnancy land, but I'll go ahead and fill you in on a few things happening. 

If you saw yesterday's post, you'll see I broke down and started wearing my maternity jeans. I wear these unless it's super hot, and then I live in my caftan from Michael Stars (at first I was wearing elastic shorts, but I'm starting to feel weird about wearing shorts lately, don't ask me why.)

Yes, I'm still wearing heels off and on...that will never die, trust. But I am glad for a couple pairs of new sandals from ShoeMint and my trusty ASH wedge sneakers. 

Right now I'm in the stage where I'm still disguising the bump a little. Not because I'm ashamed (!), but because I'm in that "she ate too many cheeseburgers" stage. I'm trying to be patient for that obvious bump, but not trying to hurry it as I know what it's like once it arrives. :)

I can't wait to show you next week what I've been sleeping on...it's truly a lifesaver. I just have to take a few photos of it, and I'm really excited to feature the write-up. I'm such a back sleeper, so without being able to sleep on my back (or tummy) now, I've had to get creative and adjust. Not fun, but, hey. I'm pretty much used to losing sleep with my toddler, so this part hasn't been quite the adjustment it was the first time (aka it was total body shock back then). Luckily, little C. has been a jewel and has been taking frequent naps with me in the afternoons. 

Oh yes, I've still got the junk food appetite. Folks, I might be paying for this pregnancy. And literally! It seems I want nothing to do with cooking and eat out most meals (bashful face). My post-pregnancy health regime is going to be a slap in the face. But along with that comes the exercise part. Yes, I'm still in Pilates and still doing cardio on the treadmill (and chasing little C. because that counts). So I'm hoping I at least have some balance here. 

The nausea has all gone away (rejoice!), but if I forget to stop ordering onions on my hamburger one more time, I'm doomed. Ugh. This kid's gonna have a lotta hair just like little C. (they say heartburn means a lot of hair, and I kinda believe this.) The main thing is just keeping up with a toddler - I feel so bad when I need to sit down more often or can't bend over like I could. But, I'm really glad that's the worst thing. I just keep hoping and praying for a healthy little one in there, and can't wait for when I really feel the tiny tot moving pretty soon. Such a joy! xoxo

P.S. I meet with my doula soon, so I can't wait to have a post all about that!

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