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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Scents I'm Loving

One of the strongest pregnancy symptoms of mine to date? My keen sense of smell. And let me tell you, it's not one I've embraced at all. I never imagined I would get on an elevator and loathe the lady wearing perfume. Or almost get sick over the smell of the pork tenderloin my in-laws brought over for dinner (ugh..still can't really even type about this). Even the scent of a new shoe box, y'all. You get my point. 

So...I found it verrrrry approp to share with you two of the magical, just absolutely lovely scents that have been keeping me sane as of late. First? My new Archipelago candles sent to me to try out. While the Macaroon is amazing, there are just no words for the White Peach scent. It takes me to another world! I love how it's light and not overpowering, yet within 10 minutes your home has the perfect, sweet scent of of peaches and nectarine blossoms. (Maybe this makes sense since I'm craving citrus fruit?) These signature candles have always been my fav...in fact, I have another one that's more floral that I've almost completely burned. The candles contain more than 70 percent natural soy wax, which means they burn longer (50 hours!) and cleaner than alternatives. I know I'm hooked for life.

What else? Nautica's new Aqua Rush Gold cologne ($65). I was sent this for D. to try out, so I sorta slipped this in with his birthday package of goodies and he's now obsessed. As am I. What's funny is it's for the "male who embodies nautical adventure," and I would def say this is D. He loves the water; is certified in scuba diving, was on the swim team and his dad even owns a sailboat (which he LOVES). This fragrance features fresh bursts of citrus and lime, so OMG. Here we go again...my citrus food craving translates to my fav scents. The fresh, fresh smell of this cologne is by far addictive in my world. Perfect gift for my man if I don't say so myself. ;)
[Photos via Instagram; Nautica]

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