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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Cheapest, Best Dry Shampoo...You Don't Say?

Happy Monday, lovelies (albeit a rainy one, here)! I have a funny dry shampoo story to tell you that I just can't wait to share. As you know, dry shampoo is a beauty ritual in my bathroom. I've literally been using the stuff (starting with Stila's Creme Bouquet powder version) way back in 2004. Before the magic pixie dust was being scooped off the shelves in droves and into the hands of beauty lovers (and long-haired gals who hate to wash their hair)...made into sprays...sold by every brand from top-notch to drugstore. And to think before I even tried my first, I was using baby powder (which doesn't work near as well, by the way). 

Ok, so after my ramblings now, here's the story. I've obviously tried a lot of dry shampoos in my beauty blogging life. It's part of my job to be sent them to test (the perks, I swear). So a couple of weekends ago when I ran completely out of what I was using (gasp! panic, I know!), I sent my husband to pick up "whatever he could find" at the grocery store. Forget bread, I need DRY SHAMPOO, for crying out loud. 

I spouted out a few brands I trust (told him one I did not want) and proceeded to wait. (After all, I couldn't dare leave the house without the new dry shampoo on my head.) What he brought back? The jewel above. Suave Professional Dry Shampoo Spray makes a mean, mean dry shampoo, girls. He paid? $3.99. (yes, one reason he chose this one, might I add) I admit, I saw it, I smirked, I asked what others he saw on the shelf - and then I shrugged my shoulders and began spraying. 

The most magical scent I've ever imagined. Seriously! I've been trying to place it for months...a fruit of some sort. And I think I've come up with a gorgeous peach scent, possibly. But whatever it is, spray it in your local drugstore aisle and you'll be heading straight towards the checkout with it. Besides the scent, it certainly works magic on the oily strands. The spray is soooo powerful (I absolutely shudder at the dry shampoos with the wimpy spray) and I feel like it instantly transforms my hair. I mean, right before my eyes, y'all! (I've heard mineral clay plays a big part in the effectiveness of these guys.) 

So...less oil, great-smelling hair, full wallet. What more could a girl ever, ever need? It was sorta painful to tell my husband, he picked the perfect one. Even if he did just get lucky this time in his choice, I sure am grateful! Lesson: branch out with your brands and beauty products. Oh, and never run completely out of dry shampoo.

[Photo via Target.com]

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