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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: The Bump Nest, A Sleep Necessity

Goodness, you guys. I've found my other true love...my pregnancy body pillow! You laugh, but it's very true. See, I had already heard the praise from other mamas about the magical powers of the Bump Nest pillow, but I just had to try it myself, natch. And I waited until about a couple of weeks ago before I started my new addiction (because I knew once I started there's no way this thing was going away!). Jealous yet?

Oh, you should be! I'm highly considering using this pillow post-pregnancy as well, so I'm pretty glad we have a California King bed and I'm most certain D. is, too. ;) Honestly, I used a full-body pregnancy pillow (not this one) with my first pregnancy and to let you know, this one blows it out of the water. Exhibit A: flat v. heel. You see who wins here, right? So...why, you ask?

The Bump Nest is CUTE.
I mean, look at this gray chevron pattern I chose. When choosing which pattern they should send for me to try out, naturally I went with my fav chevron. But, there are tons of other sweet, sweet options as well, and you can buy more for just $24 each. (P.S. You don't wanna see how ugly my former pillow is!)

The Bump Nest is SOFT.
We're talking luxurious. It has a soft, knit cover on it that is so cozy to rest the head on. Plus, the pillow is made of hypoallergenic materials.

The Bump Nest is COMFY.
This includes supportive. It's way fluffier than my previous pillow, in a good way. You won't know until you lie on one, then you'll never get up. :) 

So how to lie on one, you might be wondering? It's curved so that you can use it really any way you want, and I've actually tested it several ways. However, my fav way is with the longer part on my left side (see above) so that I can wrap my leg around it (great for bad backs) and sorta hug it, supporting my belly. The shorter part provides even more support behind me. Then, when I flip to my other side, I can just pull the longer part between my legs with me. If that makes sense at all? I lie my head at the top in the curved portion. 

However, you use it, you'll def want the curved part at the top of the bed and not the bottom (learned that the hard way, haha). And you might wanna use your regular pillow in there, too, for extra support if you have neck issues. Honestly, how does a pregnancy gal survive without one of these? I haven't had any sleep issues to date (um, besides a toddler waking in the night.).

I can tell this pillow's not leaving my bed for a very long time (it's even great for snuggling with little C. at nap time...he's a huge fan, too! Sometimes he curls up in the middle of it and reads...it's presh.) Did I mention I'm resting on it typing this post? ;) You get the point. Obsessed!

P.S. Just look at the cutesy (matching!) little baby hat that came with it. It's baby's first, and I've proudly got it displayed in the nursery closet already. Swoon.

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