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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Rainy Day, Come Today

Rain, rain, come today. We wanna wear our cute boots today.

I think it's been the rainiest summer we've had in ages! And I'm not complaining because that means it's also been pretty manageable down south. Whew. When I saw these beyond adorable rainboots, or overboots, I should say, I was squealing O to the M to the G. Look at all the colors! Such a cute spin on the classic galosh, the Butler Overboot just slips right over any of your kid's shoes. And how fun to let your kiddo choose their fav color! (little C. immediately went to red since it was closest to orange...he's so funny!)

The boots are lightweight, 100-percent waterproof and washable (yayyyy). They even feature a custom VELCRO®Brand closure. Mama's dream. I think these will get use all year long, honestly. Rainy weather, yes! But, also in the snow and ice - and maybe even just for fun sometimes. ;) Stay tuned for another post down the road because little C's prooooob gonna be a fireman (shhhh...) and will wear these boots with his costume. I think I'm just excited as he is!

The Butler Overboot will be available next month in select Stride Rite stores across the U.S., and they retail starting at $49.99 (there are both toddler and youth sizes). 
Which color do you like??

[Photos Courtesy Butler Overboot]

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