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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Training Pants 101

Good afternoon, and yes, this is a post about toddler underwear. The heels will be back tomorrow...oh, the adventurous life I lead, eh? If you're just joining me, I have a toddler, little C. and boy is he fun! Potty trained? YES. I can totally scratch that off the to-do list. Was that fun? Heck, no. That was the worst thing on the to-do list. Sure, potty training "boot camp" must have been done at your little guy's preschool or daycare. I hear it only takes weeks...and I don't wanna hear your stories. :) (all in jest) little C. most certainly did not take weeks. Just glad we're through the misery, and I'm pretty confident he'll be wearing underwear to bed all night pretty soon. 

From the beginning, he's been wearing Giggle's training pants. We started with one, single pair that Santa left in his stocking (because Santa knew he loved blue and orange). They were an instant hit with both little C. and mama. They're just the right amount of thickness, so no leaks, and they're organic! It's a win-win here. They are $12, however, which is kinda hefty for a single pair of undies, so when the grandparents ask what to chip in on as of late, tell them these. ;) In fact, my niece M. is now wearing these in pink!

The other kind of undies we've loved are by a fav brand of mine, Hanna Andersson. The Training Unders are the thickest underwear around, I'm convinced. There were several times when we first started out that he would wet his pants and his undies got wet, but his pants stayed completely dry. No joke. With these, you get three in a pack for $26 (but they're on sale for $20 right now!). I will say they fit much different than the Giggle pair as the legs are much more high cut, so it takes a little getting used to and stretching before they're worn in. But they are organic as well, and I like the choices in colors (although no orange...). ;)

P.S. If you're still potty training, hit me up in the comments for some tips! xo

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