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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yes, Sneaker Wedges Are Still Stylish

Ok, first of all. I'm sorry for my absence the last couple of days. I'm lobbying for the word "morning sickness" to be changed asap because it's just not true, folks. It's "can-strike-at-anytime-sickness," so there. And unfortch for me it's usually been in the evening just as much as the morning, making dinner sound like the worst thing in creation. Supposedly this is the week it ends. *rolling my eyes* But enough about me...let's get to the shoes.

I'm completely caught up on the phenom lately that all of a sudden, this fall, sneaker wedges are supposed to be out. I'm honestly not sure why we're all having this conversation...to have something to discuss, perhaps? I'm still wearing them...celebs are still wearing them...they're still being sold in droves. If you think they're hideous...bravo. Go on with your stiletto-wearing self. I love ya all the same for it. But we stiletto and sneak wedge-loving fools are entitled to this chicness that just won't stop. You heard me...they're staying around - so deal! I'm loving the Lacoste version above...it's sorta a hiking boot, no? 

The "Berdine" (I know, but why the name?) is launching exclusively at Nordstrom this fall for $199.95, and I'm crushing on the smooth, leather appearance. It's sleek, for certain (and maybe all I can balance in once I hit the 6-month mark...yikes). I've held onto my hiking boots for years for, ya know, snow days. Otherwise, they're not typically my thang. These are my version of a sneaker and a hiking boot (since I don't wear either with an everyday outfit) - and I think that's perfectly acceptable. Now who will continue to join me in this wedge sneaker crusade? 

P.S. Oh yeah, it also comes in brown, but trust, the black gives much more street cred.

[Photo Courtesy Lacoste]

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