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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fashion Week Essential? Hobo Lauren Wallet

This time of year (aka NY Fashion Week) makes me think of my sweet and chic lil' Hobo Lauren wallet/clutch every time. The corner of Jane and Washington...just before the Whitney Eve presentation (for which I almost missed...). As I checked into the show, I reached down for my lil' Lauren and WHAT?! I swear I ran down the sidewalk full speed in 4-inch heels after that cab, but it was already long gone. Sigh. (I'd have to later drown my sorrows at the Charlotte Ronson afterparty...it was rough.) My Lauren was quilted and black and everything! And I'm here to tell you it's one fabulous clutch - as we celebrate 10 years of this bad baby! I mean, look at it above. It can do no wrong. Especially, in the city.

There's pretty much a spot for everything rolled into one handheld clutch...it amazes me. A couple of pouches (that snap) for your money and smaller belongings, a card holder, a slot for your I.D. and even an extra zipper pouch! I'm telling you, it evens holds your smartphone. It's probably a good thing mine is always in my hand or I would've walked away with absolutely nothing that night.

As you can see here, the Lauren comes in oodles and oodles of colors and prints these days, which makes it even more fun. Why own just one, right? Makes moi a little bashful I owned black. ;) If you're looking for the Lauren, you can luckily find it at most larger retail stores (think Nordstrom, Dillard's, Bloomies, Lord & Taylor). It's actually the number-one selling wallet at Nordstrom, so they're coming out with some special-edition Laurens this fall in celebration...get excited! And if you're at fashion week right now, you might consider picking one up...they're such a lifesaver (when you don't forget them in a cab, that is).

P.S. Celebs loooove Hobo - Eva Longoria, Hilary Duff, Taylor Swift and Nikki Reed, to name a few.
[Photos Courtesy Hobo]

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  1. It's the worst when you leave things in taxis! I went to Edmonton last fall, and completely forgot to get my luggage out of the taxi! Thankfully, I wasn't having to chase him in 4 inch heel because I would not have one that battle! I'm glad you've found a replacement!

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