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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gemvara's Gorgeous (and Customizable) Gems

By Sarah Kleinhenz, NY Correspondent

What girl doesn't love jewelry? And what girl doesn't love jewelry she can customize to her exact liking? I was introduced to Gemvara about a year ago and have been obsessed with this brand ever since! You can literally (no, seriously) customize everything on their site - from the type of metal used to the stones placed in your setting. Everything is up to you - you get to be the designer. It's a-one-of-a-kind, unique piece of jewelry.

I had the opportunity to meet up with Callie and Carrie before their lunch last week to check out some of their pieces. And they're just the sweetest ladies! I had such a great time getting to meet them, and we spent several hours (and a few glasses of wine) chatting about jewelry. It was a perfect end to a crazy day.

So let's talk customizing, shall we? Here are a few of my favorite pieces from their collection. Each and every one of these beauties can be customized to your liking. The metal can be changed to palladium, rose gold or white gold. You can change the stones to emerald (my favorite), white sapphire, aquamarine, or citrine - the list goes on, girlies! Some of these are great gifts, and others are perfect alternatives to the typical engagement ring and wedding band. I wish I had taken a pic of Callie's engagement ring. It's TO.DIE.FOR. Unique, gorgeous, and just all around amazing!

Ok, I've blabbed on and on about how amazing and wonderful Gemvara is, so now it's time for you to go see for yourself! I can't promise you won't spend several hours playing around with all the options for each piece. It is slightly addicting.

Do you own any Gemvara pieces? I would love to hear about them or see pics! xx

[Photos Courtesy Gemvara]

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