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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Karlie Kloss in Frame Denim Flares

When Karlie Kloss is wearing it, you know it's chic. My gosh, she could probably wear a paper sack and call it haute couture. She's actually wearing her Forever Karlie Flare jeans made for Frame Denim, and aren't they a standout? I mean, besides the hipper than hip crop top paired with them, obvi. I've noticed pretty much everyone who's anyone wearing Frame Denim lately (bloggers...celebs...models...) - they're a great brand that hasn't quite gotten all the spotlight it needs just yet. But, just wait! 

Once enough folks start strutting around town in a pair of these Karlie babies, Frame will be embedded in your mind, right? I just wonder about the length since I already have to hem most of jeans anyway, these look like they deserve either a good stitching on anyone with non-model legs and/or a major pair of platforms to go with. Would die to know the kicks under these! I'm also wondering...does this mean flares are back for fall in a BIG way?

P.S. If you haven't tried her Karlie's Kookies from momofuku milk bar, you're missing out. They're life-changing, I tell you! I've seen Karlie IRL on the DKNY runway (and that's also where I sampled her yummy Karlie's Kookies) and she's just as gorgeous as you might imagine. Life's not fair, right?

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