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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: A Few Fav Products For Mama & Baby

Ever since the day I got a tiny sample in one of those beauty sampler boxes (you know, that you get in the mail), I've been addicted to Basq. In particular, the Cucumber Tea Eye Gel. It's a MAJOR game changer, considering probably none of us get the proper sleep we should. The gel feels so cool on the skin and I swear it makes me look more alert in the mornings. And since it's NY Fashion Week, might I mention, I alllllways slip this in my bag to the city...so important! I'm also so happy to know that now that I'm pregnant, there's a skincare line I love that I can STILL use (so frustrating having to put so many products aside because ya just don't know what's in them!). 

So, lucky me, Basq sent me a couple other products and my newest obsession is the Lavender Pear CALM Body Oil ($19.50). We all know lavender is soothing, so what better way to get ready for bed than slather some of this on for a calming evening. I just love it! It moisturizes and makes the skin feel so good, but it's also showing some love to prevent those stretch marks! It can even help with aching and inflammation...so powerful and wonderful! 

Ok, and while we're on the lavender kick...might I introduce you to SheaMoisture? Girls, it's good. I'm always shopping around the aisles at Target (pure bliss during the day, I tell you), and have seen these products on the shelf. So recently the brand sent me a few products to try out, and my fav thing in the whole, wide world is this Lavender & Wild Orchid Shea Butter Soap. HELLO. This is the hugest bar of soap, which is great because I tend to just use shower gel like nobody's business. This bar is only $4.99 at your local Target or drugstore AND it has none of the nasty stuff (parabens, etc.). I'm pretty ecstatic about it since sometimes with all-natural products you wonder if they'll actually work and if you'll love. Well, this brand's a keeper. And one I plan to use throughout my pregnancy and beyond. (P.S. They also have baby products, so that's next on my to-do list.) Side note: make sure you're careful washing your feet because shea butter is quite slippery in the shower!

And for the little ones...

I've stumbled upon the cutest lil' kid's bath product line, Little Green. There are four main products, and it's so simple! They're products we all need, and they've got great ingredients. What more could you want in a brand? I've been trying out the Shampoo & Body Wash ($15) on little C. (well actually he has...he's learning to use a loofah to wash himself!) It's a great product and smells so clean. One of my FAV features is that the bottle's a pump. So easy! It truly is tear-free (some brands say they are and they aren't) with vitamins B5 and E...so gentle. Keep in mind, the consistency is slightly thicker than most other body washes you're probably used to, so you'll have to take extra care to wash it off with plenty of water. But that's what a great loofah's for, right? ;) (might I mention little C. has a loofah obsession and probably has about 20 hanging in the shower...he's collected all shades and all colors by now...le sigh.) I can't wait to try the Soothing Balm come winter...I hear it's amazing for dry, chapped skin!

P.S. Most of the NY Fashion Week madness starts tomorrow evening, so get ready for insider photos soon!!! xoxo

[Photos via Basq, SheaMoisture & Little Green]

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