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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: baby L's Changing Station, from Boon

Boon. It's a brand I just LOVE. We've used it constantly with little C. and I plan to continue to use it with baby L. The products are just outstanding in quality, function AND design, not to mention safe (thank you!!). I've been debating on what to do about a changing table/dresser, and whether or not to use the same pad with velour changing cover we had with little C. And then Boon magically sent me the new Fresh Changing Station ($69.99) and I was instantly obsessed, just by looking at it. 

I must mention, the previous changing pad we had used, after being atop C's dresser for so long, completely messed up the top of his nice dresser by leaving a yucky adhesive-like film that I can't even get to scrub off now. So sad. I'm happy to know this one by Boon won't stick to the dresser. In fact, it has a sloped base for both baby's and mom's changing comfort. It secures to the dresser with two straps and the orange part is a soft foam pad that can be removed for easy cleaning. And that dangly hook above? It's the perfect spot for hanging those cool toys for distraction!

My fav part though is, of course, the modern design. Not sure if I've even hinted yet, but I'm choosing my nursery furniture right now, and I've decided to go with modern! So this changing station will fit in perfectly. Now if I can make up my mind on cloth versus disposable, we'll be good to go in diaper world. ;)

[Photo via Boon]

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