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Monday, October 7, 2013

Botkier, Baby

Since handbags can be worn a lifetime (um, if they're high quality like Botkier and you take good care of them), and you never have to size up, I'm a major fan. In fact, since I've become pregnant again, I've loaded up on some major handbag goodness. I can't help myself! 

I already own the extremely popular design by Botkier, Valentina (in a beautiful emerald green), so when I peeped the new spring colors, I squealed just a bit (ok, a lot). Isn't the lavender (above and below) gorgeous, kids?? Would you mind if I mentioned it is the EXACT same color of baby L's stroller? It's alllll in the details. baby L. will be born in February, making purple (amethyst, to be exact) her birthstone, so I think this bag hue is fate, am I right? I'm a sucker for the satchel, but the mini just below is completely adorable, yes?
And when I'm not longing for lavender, I've found myself deeply attracted to the bold pops of color in the spring bag collection. This ultraviolet Cruz tote! What chic moms are made of. Or the red-hot mini Legacy...soooooo hawt...hot...haute...any and all. 

 But the shape of the Legacy satchel (whether large or small, bold or muted) is perhaps my fav silhouette. It's a def conversation starter, outfit maker. Folks, the spring Botkier savings fund has officially started...Come February, it's all about Botkier baby (yes, pun intended).

 [Photos Courtesy Botkier]

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