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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Calling in Tired Today

Hi, it's me. Your sassy, fun-loving, stiletto-rocking, air-kissing mama. I'd like to say I'm all these things tonight as I'm writing this for tomorrow, but guess what? I'm tiiiiiiiiiired. I digress, I admit. I'm tired. And while I'm writing this, I just can't function to pull out a super-duper post you're going to care about reading, so today I'm taking a break. Tomorrow? I've got a fun giveaway AND a huge reveal of my clean house, so I'm pretty much going to need some extra rest. 

If you're a mom, you know. It's tiring. If you stay at home as a mom, you know. It's very tiring. If you're a mom with a toddler at home and expecting, whew. Need I go on? This pregnancy has been so easy, let me say, but I just don't have as much energy by the end of the day. Which is, sadly, when I blog. After a day full of Pilates, errands, feeding the kiddo, entertaining the kiddo (on the hardwood floor, mind you) and trying to be somewhat productive with the blog, it's a little draining. I get it. It's not rocket science or changing the world, but it's hard work.

So while there's no post today, keep in mind I'm still dreaming in stilettos and figuring out my first peeptoe purchase come March (ahem, that's post baby). I'll be back in the game in no time, but please, please forgive me for now for being a tiny bit of a slacker. Please? ;)

P.S. Might I mention we're getting our nursery furniture in today? Exciting, but you guessed it, tiring. Who wants to decorate for me? :)

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