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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Customizing Gemstone Bracelets

Have you ever walked into a jeweler’s and been impressed with a bracelet? “That’s beautiful,” you might say, “but does that bracelet come with a different gemstone?” When the jeweler says that the gemstone in the example is the only option, you’re naturally disappointed. If only you could select the bracelet you wanted and customize it to your own preferences!

At Anjolee.com, you can customize. Better than walking into a jeweler only buying what is on hand, Anjolee.com offers a customization option for nearly everything. If you’re looking at wedding or engagement rings, for instance, you can select how big you want the carat of the diamond, what kind of gold (white and gold) and what quality of carat gold. 
But not everyone is in the market for a wedding or engagement ring. Gemstone bracelets, on the other hand, are a nice gift for any woman, any age, and at any stage in a relationship. If you're in the market for a gemstone bracelet, just by clicking on the page you begin your customization: are you looking for contemporary bracelets, gemstones with diamonds, or all gemstone bracelets? 

From there, you select the style you’re interested. Once you select a style, numerous other options for customization are available so that you can pick the bracelet that matches your specifications and preferences exactly. Options include metal type, total carat weight, diamond quality (if diamonds are included), options for a certificate of authenticity from a third party (Anjolee.com already provides a certificate of authenticity), item length, which gemstone (or several gemstones), and an option to add a charm if you would like. As you can see, there are several options to ensure that your gemstone bracelet is exactly the bracelet that you were looking for. 

Occasionally when you’re looking for a gemstone bracelet, you’re looking for one as a birthday present. If you’re considering a birthday gemstone bracelet, consider the option of selecting gemstones that match your loved one’s birthstone. Birthstone bracelets are tasteful and appropriate for almost any woman’s birthday. Anjolee.com allows you to pick from several gemstones that are birthstones, including Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, and Topaz. 

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Anjolee.com, and I thought we all needed a lesson in jewelry customization as the holidays approach, am I right?

[Photos Courtesy Anjolee.com]

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