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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How I Styled My Bump: The Little Wrap Dress

Hello, hello, lovelies! It's your fabulous lil' butterball again...ha, I kid. But, for real, I'm feeling more and more that way every day (especially when I do the "rolling like a ball" exercise in Pilates these days). Let's face it. Pregnancy can be rough on the body; we all know that. All we can do is try to love it and embrace it and realize it's for the sweet, little tiny bundle of joy that's growing inside (swoon). And what better way to embrace those curves than with a classic LBD. 

I actually hung on to all of my maternity clothes post-baby C., only to find out I hated most of them, scoffing at most pieces and throwing them in a "to donate" pile. Truth is, I've been wearing many "normal" (as in non-maternity) pieces this time around - since most of my former style had been big, over-sized tops with skinny jeans. But this jewel of a wrap dress here by Japanese Weekend was hardly worn last pregnancy since I acquired it late in the game, so it felt practically new and I realized I had been missing out. I mean, a wrap dress can do no wrong pre-, during or post-pregnancy, dears. It's no DVF, mind you, but JW does make some pretty nice maternity pieces. This one is jersey, so it's slinky (which means you need very supportive underthings like a great bra and, of course, Mama Spanx).

What else you need? A great bag, duh. Remember how I told you my love for handbags just keep growing like my belly? Well, since handbags are one thing you never grow out of, I'm just obsessing over my new Petunia bag (the new luxury line from the makes of the oh-so-chic Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags...more on that next month!). It's actually cut velvet, and isn't it so very striking and timeless? The Troubadour Tote ($340) is definitely special and I absolutely adore the sleek silhouette...it's unlike any other bag I own! It has tons of pockets and actually expends by zippers on the side. I'll definitely be using this as my chic new mama bag come February. (oh wait, I already am...)

Here's how I styled my bump:
* Little (wrap!) dress (LWD?) by Japanese Weekend
* Necklace gifted by Erickson Beamon Rocks (this is EB's new diffusion collection that's more affordable, but hello, just as chic. I think I wear this necklace now every other day. The collection includes 120 pieces that retail from just $25-300. LOVE.)
* Gold custom "little C" cuff gifted by Rustic Cuff
* Troubadour Tote gifted by Petunia
* Neon "Spikes"heels gifted by Melissa (these shoes are just genius...Melissa is a Brazilian brand known for their plastic shoes that even have a fun scent...they're so crazy cool, even Karl Lagerfeld has collab-ed with the brand as of late...whoa.)

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