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Thursday, October 24, 2013

May the Best Shoe Closet Win

What a FUN contest for us shoe lovers, y'all! Foot Petals is giving away a $500 gift card to Amazon.com (that's a lot of shoes, eh?) for the BEST shoe closet. They'll pick the top 10 photos and then the public will decide on the number-one winner. 

You can never have too many shoes, right? And on I Heart Heels, we've shown some pretty amazing shoe closets...le sigh. I would totally enter my own - err, show you my own - if it were actually organized in one spot. My closet's a liiiiittle split up with shoes here and shoes there (hey, not complaining I'm running out of space, just saying), and to be honest I envy a consolidated, nice and gorgeous shoe closet. Believe me, it's up there on my house renovation wish list. The day I get it, I'll spring to this spot to show you, trust. :)

For now, I'm banking on you to enter your fabulous closet...and that gives me a good idea for contests around here as well. What do you think...does this kind of contest sound like fun?

Enter here and may the best shoe closet win!

P.S. As a side note, couldn't live life in heels without Foot Petals. I speak the truth.

[Photo Courtesy Foot Petals]

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