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Monday, October 14, 2013

Moto Jackets Made Fun

In case you're wondering, it's another fall season filled with moto jackets...rejoice! I love a great moto jacket. In fact, I have a pregnancy (maternity) version. Although, now that I'm thinking about it, I might just go try on my regular moto jackets and see if they'll still work (although if I were you, I wouldn't stick around to get the full report...the closet isn't exactly my BFF at the moment.). But besides moto jackets being on trend, just look at the variety (these fabulous stunners are all by outerwear brand Mackage). Oh, yours is just plain black? Bless your heart.

I think one of my fav trends is color, and now it's incorporated onto the moto a la the bright orange above and it's just gorgeous. Having fun with fashion is my fav part! But if you're not down with sprucing up your outfit with color (it's kinda a lot, right?), add a little texture with your fabric...so easy. The moto slash faux fur jacket is all sorts of awesome, and I'd start wearing it right now in 80-degree weather if I could (ok, maybe not...but soon!). And back to the color thing, if bright orange is too hey-look-at-me for ya, go with a deep red wine (love it) and have fun with your collar (see the last jacket pictured here). It's so, so cute to play up the collar with the otherwise sleek silhouette of the leather jacket. 

 Fall fashion lesson 101: If you own one jacket at all this season, make it a moto. And have a little fun with it! xo

[Photos Courtesy Mackage]

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