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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Celebrating Baby at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

Goodness gracious, did we ever have FUN in Dallas this past weekend! For our annual girl's weekend, I traveled with my mom and sister to do some therapeutic pampering and shopping, all while staying in the luxe Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. We've sorta hotel hopped about Dallas the last decade, and this one has come up by far as our fav (see my previous review). Ding, ding...we have a winner!

Rosewood Hotels are known for their luxury, it's not a big chain after all. Think quality over quantity. This particular hotel used to be a private residence, and it has that "hidden in the trees" romantic charm about it. It's quaint, meticulous and pretty much an icon. Everyone at this hotel - from the bellhop to the valet - always treats us with the utmost respect. While it's a high-quality, luxury hotel, you don't get a snooty, arrogant factor here at all. Love that. And the beds...the beds are the most comfortable around. I opted not to lug my huge pregnancy pillow with me, so instead nuzzled in between three fluffy pillows from the hotel, and let me say, it was magical. 

When we arrived, our jaws dropped open at the sight of our fancy living room. Trust me, I've stayed in some pretty swank hotels around the country (it's one of my fav pastimes, in fact), but this bedroom/living room/double room situation had me at hello. I was actually quite sad we had opted to leave the kids at home in the end because the living room was huge and we had so much space! We were, however, there to celebrate baby L. so we didn't have a problem at all kicking up our heels (err, sneaker wedges at this point) and draping ourselves over the velvet couch (and in front of the big-screen TV) after a looooong day of shopping. (Might I add, this hotel is impeccably quiet and the drapes are wonderful at keeping out the light, so we slept in until a whopping 9 a.m.!)

In fact, when we were just about to raid the mini bar, the bellhop who had brought up our packages asked if we needed anything. We forgot we had put out our "do not disturb" sign earlier in the day, so he immediately sent housekeeping to provide us with what we thought would be ice. Well...it was ice, plus a gorgeous helping of chocolate-covered strawberries. How's that for service?

Before bed, we took advantage of the enormous walk-in shower (probably one of the largest I've seen in a hotel), and ordered our breakfast for the next morning. Room service at the Rosewood Mansion is not to be missed (although they do have an award-winning restaurant that should be visited as well!). They set up an entire table and the food is delicious - I had scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and hashbrowns. The works! :) My mom and sister shared a basket of pastries that looked so yummy. We even piped in some classical music on the TV while we ate (it's all about the atmosphere). 

Despite it raining most of the trip, it didn't put a damper on anything, really. The valet always had our car ready to help us right in, and the staff was as friendly as ever. I'm soooo glad I got to take this small getaway (it's only about five hours from my home) and celebrate baby. I have a feeling once she gets here, she's gonna love Rosewood Mansion and one day we'll be living it up here as well. ;)

Thank you, Rosewood Mansion, we heart you to pieces! xoxo

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