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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Safely Moving Baby Furniture

As you probably know by now, our nursery furniture came today...so many squeals!! I'm beyond excited because with little C's furniture, we ordered through a local retail store and it ended up taking ages. We actually ended up buying the display model, which I was not really that happy about (you know me). This time, the furniture thing went almost too smoothly. I ordered it straight from the manufacturer, really, and received it within maybe a week. Seriously. So I've spent all night trying to decide where things go. :) And then that brings me to a very important topic to address...furniture moving!

So many things are going on with a new baby - and if you're like me and have a wild toddler on the loose at the same, it gets very hectic. Why don't you read a book, little C? Ohhhh, that would be too easy! While I must say, we didn't have the luxury of hiring furniture services like Dr. Sofa (we had the option of "white glove" service, but opted for the cheaper leave-it-on-the-porch option), I highly recommend you do, if you have the funds. It makes things so much easier and safer. Being pregnant, you def don't want yourself or your toddler injured.

When pregnant, you should never lift or move those often heavy items - you don't want sprained muscles or a back injury and it's much easier during those nine months. Know what else? You don't have to worry about scratches and dings with movers who are experienced...whew. That's always a huge concern for me, personally. Hey, my husband usually helps, but I must admit, he worries the heck outta me (you're not reading, right D?). 

And these things really come into play when you're actually moving homes. Furniture services can help you with residential disassembly and reassembly (our neighbors had a baby a few years back and moved smack in the middle of being pregnant...whew!). Furniture disassembly and reassembly services are often cheaper, too, than traditional moving services.

While I hope not to move furniture - or homes - anytime soon, I would definitely consider these services for a larger move. Always good to play it safe, eh?

P.S. While I was compensated by Dr. Sofa for this post, all opinions are my own. They are, as always, valid and true.

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