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Monday, October 21, 2013

Shearling Sneaker Wedges...Squeal!

Shearling-lined hi-tops? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come here NOW Koolaburra Snow Jog. You guys know how much I live in my sneaker wedges, right? Just this past weekend the fam took a lil' trip to the pumpkin patch and I wore them...6 months pregnant and all! My shoes were higher than most women there who weren't pregnant. :) That's just how I roll. But if you haven't taken my word by now and tried them, you really are missing out. They're the most comfy shoe on the planet, while still adding that extra height that makes your legs and body look much more elongated (while I do own flats, I honestly just don't wear them that often unless they're riding boots. they make me feel so stumpy, if that's a word...)

These sneakers here are $295-345, so a little pricier than your average sneaker wedge, but it's because of the luxe sheepskin that the brand Koolaburra is so well-known for. It's sporty, cozy and right on trend. Folks, these sneakers aren't going away. Hey, and they have a velcro strap so I wouldn't really have to worry around tying my shoes as it's becoming more and more difficult these days. :)

They have a hidden three-inch heel (so not too bad...and you don't really have to worry about socks), and they come in this gorgeous sapphire (my birthstone and one of my fav colors on earth) or wheat suede, or if you're the leather type (unlike moi...the leather are actually the more expensive, too), monk, whiskey brown and black (below). 

What's funny is I can totally see me wearing these home from the hospital come February. Hey, comfort + style and chic new little baby. I'd be on top of the world! Don't put it past me... xoxo

[Photos Courtesy Koolaburra]

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