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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sneek Peek Inside W Editor Karla Martinez's Closet

Awww, you guys! It's W's fashion market and accessories director (hello, my closet soulmate), Karla Martinez de Salas. We're Twitter friends, so I feel like @WmagKarla and I are thisclose. She's on Bluefly's Closet Confessions right now and you can see her SoHo closet. ZOMG. (psst...she's recently married and she sorta took it over from her husband...don't we know how that feels!?)

Karla's been at so many fashion mags and seen so many NY Fashion Weeks, who wouldn't want to peek at her closet. She has impeccable eye for style with a sophisticated Southwestern flair courtesy of her Mexican and Arizonian roots. I love how she says," “During Fashion Week, if you’re not comfortable in your shoes, you can’t walk in your shoes,” she says. So simple, yet so true...trust. (She mentions how she even recently got a pair of white heels lowered because she literally couldn't walk in them.) I just love her girl-next-door personality. 

"I love style as a whole—not just fashion. The way you live, your furniture, the way you travel, the way you eat—all of that kind of comes together. I really love translating that art into the magazine." -- Karla Martinez de Salas, W magazine

LOVE this video (you've gotta watch it!), although I'm rallying to get KM on here to see and talk a liiiiiittle more about her heels. Dying for a peek. Ya reading, Karla? ;)

[Video Courtesy Bluefly]

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