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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trend I Heart? Polka Dots!

Trend piece with Zanna Roberts Rossi on polka dots
I. Heart. Polka Dots. New blog, perhaps? Ha, no chance. Buuuut...I do love them so much my baby L. will be wearing them home from the hospital come February. I'm passing along my love for them, so she has no chance. ;) Polka dots are just so darn cute (especially the Potter's Pot style from Piperlime above, yes? $44!!), and a trend that stands the test of time (I mean, honestly I've loved them since preschool, so...). But when grown-ups wear polka dots it doesn't have to be all cutesy, it can definitely turn into something much more meaningful and chic. And guess who else is on the same page with me here? None other than editor and Boden style consultant, Zanna Roberts Rassi. Love. Her. Hopefully some day I'll have a full-length Q&A with Z discussing the finer points of shoes and her favorites, but for now she lends us some great polka dot banter!

Zanna says, "Possibly one of the happiest prints in my book, and worn correctly, polka dots can look super chic (not all Minnie Mouse!). They can act as a statement all on their own (See Mui Mui's fab pink jacket for fall!) or can sit nicely with an opposing print acting like a neutral. For example, small polka dots on top and florals on the bottom - as long as the color families and fabrications work together."

I found this this "printed button back sweater" from Boden ($98) that just screams moi. And if I wasn't expecting, I would scoop it up right now. Isn't the color fantastic? And this perfect arrangement and size of dots is exactly what I've been looking for on such a simple silhouette all my life. Le sigh. (I've actually since maternity polka dots done very chicly, but I'm afraid I'd mess it all up...so risky!)
Not sure about you, but I usually shy away from most prints, but have always felt like the polka dot was my friend. They're a little more subtle, whether you're going tiny swiss dots or huge ones all over. It's hard to really mess it up. "Polka dots are a no-brainer print with big impact," Zanna says. I like how she thinks.

"This season we're seeing every iteration of spots. From overcoats to shoes to sweaters. A retro 1950s-inspired print made modern." -- Zanna Roberts Rassi, Boden Style Consultant

And don't kid yourself, celebs are polka-dot lovers. "Some of my favorite celeb polka-dot looks --- Tilda Swinton in (different size) polka-dot pants and shirt and Kate Middleton leaving the hospital (as her mother-in-law before her) wearing a pretty blue polka-dot dress by Jenny Packham," says Zanna. 

[Photos Courtesy Piperlime; Boden]

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