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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Lemon Loves Layette (swoon)

Gosh, one of the sweetest pieces in baby L's entire closet right now (and hello, this is saying a lot...it's packed) is this one by Lemon Loves Layette (you might have seen the older kid's version, Lemon Loves Lime?). This newborn dress (with ruffles, ruffles, ruffles!) is made of the softest cotton from Peru and comes with a dainty lil' flower headband. And might I add I love the daintiness? I have a lot of the thicker hats and headbands for baby L., but I just love how sweet and petite this one is, ya know?

The ruffles on this sorta remind me of the frilly pink rugs I found for her room (which I hope to give you a glimpse of over the next couple of months...the top photo is actually one  of her crib sheets!). So, out of a closet full of polka-dots, frills and yes, even a denim skirt, this darling outfit wins for most precious. Lemon Loves Layette is a collection you definitely need to check out, mamas. 

Click here for a list of your local retailers!


  1. Ahhhhhh!!! I should have known, LOVE lemon loves lime!!!! Soooooo precious!!!! ��

  2. Zowie.... that new Baby is SOOO lucky - & that closet is PACKED already, she'll be able to go a whole YEAR & never wear the same thing twice!!! I'll have to ck out Lemon loves lime for my granddaughter, hope I can afford it! Great review....


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