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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: little C's Halloween Costume

Tomorrow's Halloween...finally!! It seems we mamas spend months preparing for this big event, am I right? Or maybe you're a procrastinator and just found something this week? Truth is, I was shopping at my fav local consignment store (that I just discovered with this new baby...and I'm so excited, by the way). And while I was looking around for baby L. clothing (ahem, and shoes), I came across the Halloween costume I had planned to buy from Pottery Barn Kids...seriously. It was so meant to be. So, here's little C. above (he had a Halloween party last week at The Little Gym, his fav place ever) wearing his fireman costume from Pottery Barn Kids that only cost me...drumroll please...$12! Yeah, I'm sorta proud (I think retail would've been around $70). The bottom piece is a set of overalls, and I just found a tee he already owned to slip under it. Then, it also came with a really sturdy jacket that clips closed. Since the forecast calls for rain, I'm thinking this coat will keep him plenty dry. (The only thing that we didn't get with this consignment find was the fireman hat, but that's ok because we just picked up one from our local Firehouse Subs...works for me! Oh, and shout-out to my handy dad who made him his own, kid-friendly, ax. It's too cute.)

Now...on to the red boots! If you follow me on Twitter, you probably heard about the red boot catastrophe when we were supposed to get a pair from brand X to try out and they never showed up. So...to make my rainy day brighter, Bogs offered to send us this shiny new pair to make little C's Halloween happy, and gosh was he excited! (These boots are major, by the way.) He would normally never wanna try on anything right then and there, but when these came to the door, I feel like he was sorta squealing inside (gee, where does he get it?). He tried them on and they fit! It was a tighter squeeze under the fire pants because the pants are a bit slim, but he'll be able to wear them into the future no prob with any of his pants. Might I add he looks so, so adorable in them? It's so funny once he gets his first boots of the season because he always needs a quick lesson in how to walk in them. But rest assured, this isn't our first pair of Bogs. little C. actually owned a pair a couple of years ago and liked to walk around in them inside the house with no pants...comical, indeed. And I can't wait to try the Baby Bogs for baby L. Yes, those are a thing, too.

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween with your little ones, and please let me know their costumes...I'd love to hear about them! And one more special shout-out to Bogs for making my little fireman the happiest guy around. Mwah! xoxo
[Bottom Photo via Bogs]

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  1. He's adorable! And I'm sure he loves his little Red boots (Razorback Red, WPS!), my Grandson has been asking for a new pr - have to put Bogs on the wish list!!! Hope you ALL have a Happy Halloween!


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