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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Molly Maid Saves the Day

I'm still beaming at my house, y'all. I can't help it! As you've probably heard by now, Molly Maid offered to come to our house last week and give it a "deep clean," and boy did they ever. You guys. I've never, ever had a maid, but after hearing several people in town talk about the wonders of this company, I couldn't help but try it out. It is perfect timing because I'm actually already starting to "nest" in the worst way (and I'm only six months along, so it's only going to get worse...eek!), plus I'm at the point where I'm too tired to bend over all day long and scrub. Shaking my head. If I can't wear stilettos, I can't scrub my tub...it's as simple as that. By the way, see my sparkly tub above? The day Molly Maid left, I've used it religiously. So guilty. 

The Molly Maid staff cleaned way above what I could ever imagine (or do myself), and I was super impressed. Everything was so sparkly and when I walked in, it just felt so clean. Love that. And you might wonder because I'm always talking eco around here. What's great about Molly Maid is they will do anything for you. I specifically requested an eco-spray I already owned in the bathroom, so I left it for them to use. No problem! I also specificed no room sprays or carpet cleaners - voila! They listen to your every need, and that's amazing. They were at our house an entire day - from 8:30 a.m. until about 3:30 p.m. - and I can't believe the difference. They even made our beds. ;) 

So, I'll go ahead and walk you through this, k? See directly below for the part where I began weeping...my beauty products. They cleaned the counter and organized them. Eeeeeeek. And, yes, I know I own way too many.
Here's our master bedroom. D. was so glad they cleaned his desk (you can't see that part, but it's in the corner), and they even cleaned my nightstand - we're talking wiped away the stains and made my jewelry stands so much more organized (sorry, not shown). Who knows if they even meant to (ha!), but I like what they did.
The dining room was just glistening, and they even left a hand-written note on the table to say they had to change a couple of light bulbs and would compensate me (which there was no way I would let them). THIS table though. I've been watching little C. like a hawk these days, making him clean up his mess after he's done. He's notorious for messing up this table and thinks it's for play and not eating. Imagine!
The hardwood floors were probably what needed cleaning the most. I'm embarrassed to admit when they were last cleaned, um, so I won't. But, aren't they stunning these days?
And I took a few close-up shots to show you just how amazing certain things looked. I was most impressed by these things: hardwood floors...sinks/drains/handles...kitchen cabinets...stove...counters. Basically anything that gets touched by our dirty fingers and needed a great scrub is what I loved just staring at over and over again. The kitchen cabinets here? I almost took a before photo, but didn't want to embarrass myself, once again.
The kitchen counters really did glisten. The deep clean was worth it, just for this part. Well, and the bathrooms...whew.
The kitchen sink still looks this way, believe it or not. I'm working so hard to not let it get filthy again.
This is our "laundry room." The washer and dryer are actually hidden to the left behind closed doors, and I've always liked this compact design, although I'm definitely glad my dad built us the storage bench we now use. This is how we get to the pool, so we're always leaving things here and there.
Gee, whose bathtub is this? ;) Proof that even the eco-friendly cleaners do the shiny trick. Waaaaay cleaner now! And the snakes add such a decor touch, right?
Here's little C's - clean (!) - room. I really wish we had Molly Maid to make his bed every day...le sigh. What stood out here is that they got a deep stain out of his dresser that had been there since the diaper changing days. It looks like a wonderful dresser that it is now, and I'm so happy. Although, dear Molly Maid staff, I'm terribly sorry little C. left a huge toy spider under his bed. Was not intended, and hope it didn't frighten you!

The living room has lots of hardwood flooring, so it really came across as clean, and since all of the wooden blinds were cleaned, there is now lots less dust - great for us allergy-ridden folks. The couch was cleaned so thorough, and even the front door!
This is one goal of mine...to keep little C's playroom looking this way forever. We shall see. The new rule is to put things back after you've played with them. And so far he's actually been really good about it.
Our bathroom sink and counter is one of the best results. Probably because it was the dirtiest! I stare...I stare...I stare...
And once again...you couldn't ask for sparklier kitchen appliances. The stove looked so amazing when they were finished. I mean, obviously I clean it, but they definitely make it sparkle on the next level.
So with all of this being said, I am so glad I had Molly Maid come out and deep clean my home. If you're a mother (especially expecting!), you should treat yourself to this service. And if you can't do it weekly, do it monthly or bi-monthly. If you're not sure about it all, do a one-time clean!

After my one-time clean, I'm pretttttty sure I'm gonna be signing up for more. Since baby's due in February, we're going to need a clean house these next few months, or for a few months thereafter when we have zero sleep. I just might need Molly Maid to save my day again. I'm sorta hooked.

Visit MollyMaid.com to find a local one near you. ;)

Disclaimer: While I was provided one-time service to try free of charge, I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own, and I'm now a complete fan of Molly Maid. Obviously.

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