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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Music to Baby's Ears, Bellybuds

If you know me, you know I'm not exactly jumping on the "let's try all things new!" bandwagon...like a true Virgo, I always proceed with caution. But when I got an email from Bellybuds wanting me to try out their product, I was sorta excited. Don't judge, but I had seen Kim use them on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and they sorta looked cool. So, like my overly cautious self, I read every FAQ written and, of course, asked both my doctor's and doula's opinion and once I was well versed on my Bellybuds and given the a-ok, I dove in. Exciting, yes?! 

I received my Bellybuds (which retail starting at $49.99) a little early, so I actually waited until I was at least 20 weeks to try them (I was a few weeks past) because that's when baby's hearing actually develops (memories begin at 30). The Bellybuds are super-duper simple for all the fuss I've acted like here. Really, you either use the removable adhesives that come with them or you don't (I opted not to), plug them into an mp3 player and play on! It's actually recommended if you're using your iPhone or computer with music on it, to turn off the wifi signal, so since I usually use those devices, I just went ahead and used my husband's plain ol' mp3 player for simplicity's sake. Therefore, baby listened to not just classical, but the likes of Don Henley and Dan Fogelberg (ay, ay, ay). And I may or may not have played Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight and Dan Seals All That Glitters Is Not Gold (D. insisted she needed to go ahead and learn this early on...haha). 

Regardless of what music you play, baby is sure to get a kick out of it (hey, baby L. did...on one of the songs she was kicking, which means...she's a fan? not a fan?). One tip I did read is to play the music when you think baby's awake so you don't disturb her natural sleeping pattern, and since baby L. was clearly awake before I started, it was perfect timing for moi. Once you begin, you can play a music session of up to about 30 minutes. And if you want to listen as well, there's a splitter included (which is also great when you're not sure if that lovely rap song is next on your playlist). They think of everything, right?

Next on my Bellybuds to-do-list is to use their VoiceShare program. I'm currently working on the world's best lullaby (since you can record up to 10 minutes), so I can't wait to share it with baby L. She better go ahead and get used to my singing because I sing a lot of lullabies. ;) Let music class commence.

[Photo via Bellybuds]

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