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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Sleep Made Fun

This looks like the silliest thing, right? Ha, well, it sorta is...but guess what? I had intended it for baby L. and little C. is in LOVE with it. Sorry, baby L., but I think little C. has made it his own. Who knew? It's the Pajanimals Under the Lights Projector (available at Wal-Mart.com, $26) by TOMY and while it says it will "lull your child to sleep in no time," we use it as more as a "let's get calm before bed thing." Oh, and a learning tool! little C. likes his routines, so every night, we'll turn the lullaby music on the projector to listen to first, then we turn off the music and just look at the stars on the ceiling (and, of course, that involves counting). 

It was so funny because the first week we had it, little C. would walk around with this in his hand all over the house, moving to the music (so much that I got the tunes stuck in my head!). I must admit, we even used it as a potty tool to prevent accidents ("bring Mr. Fluffy, as I would call him, he needs to go, too!"). Mr. Fluffy even sat in on bathtime and dinnertime, he was that attached. 

So...while I had intended for the projector to be a great baby L. item, it's actually turned out to be a rather useful toddler tool, and I'm thankful for that. The recommended age is actually about 18 months, so I'm pretty sure by the time baby L. is 18 months, little C. will have long moved on to something else. Kids. Aren't they funny?

[Photo Courtesy TOMY]

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