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Monday, November 18, 2013

A Natural Deodorant that Works

I realize this is the weirdest thing to blog about come Monday morning, but nevertheless a total necessity - and hey, it was 84 degrees here yesterday...84!!! I was so good about walking around the neighborhood all weekend (insert pat on the back), and lately I've been reaching for this Geo Deo natural deodorant to do the hygiene trick. During the first trimester, I actually began researching natural deodorants and actually used one that I thought would be amazing, and in the end failed me (I won't mention names, but it's a brand I otherwise love). Have you ever seen the Kardashian episode when Kourtney refuses to wear deodorant because she can't find a good natural (aluminum-free) alternative while she's breastfeeding? Ok, I'm not that extreme, folks. In fact, during the entire second trimester, I've been using one that wasn't natural (bashful face). And then...like it was meant to be...Geo Deo contacts me to send me their scents and their newest Rainforest scent (which I love, with notes of passion fruit and acai berry). So. thankful. 

"GEODEO is redefining the natural deodorant marketplace because not only is it good for you, it really works. We introduced the Rainforest scent to give our customers the option to smell great with a safe, natural alternative to conventional deodorants," said Ted Alflen, founder of GEODEO. "Its most unique feature is the Detox Complex which helps remove impurities and toxins from your body. This innovative and unique benefit is not offered by any other antiperspirant or natural deodorant in the world market."

The third trimester is, forgive the pun, much more trying, and I want to be as diligent as I can in finding what's safest for baby...from now and throughout breastfeeding. So basically Geo Deo is the best natural brand on the planet that works...it's a simple as that. Trust me when I say, most of them do not work...this from my own experience (and it was frustrating...so I'm happy to take the frustration out for you!). The formula is vegetable based and it works all day - ahem, for both D. and I (yes, he's used it, too!). I prefer the Island or even the Unscented, while D. is pretty hooked on the new Rainforest and Ocean Breeze. 

Geo Deo is free of aluminum, phthalates, parabens and propylene glycol. And that's really why we love it so.

P.S. You can find Geo Deo ($5.99) at many mass retailers, as well as Whole Foods. Or you can search here to find a store near you.

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