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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Exciting News from Fohr Card

So...exciting news for I Heart Heels! A couple of days ago, I found out from Fohr Card (an invitation-only blogger network I was asked to be a part of earlier this year) that I Heart Heels ranked #70 (out of 1, 012 REALLY good blogs!) in NY Fashion Week coverage for the spring/summer 2014 season. That means our fashion week posts garnered almost 400k impressions, and I cannot be more THRILLED. Thank you all for paying attention to this spot and reading, especially during the amazing month of fashion week! I obviously could not do this thing without you or the brands I work with. I'm honored and humbled and beaming with pride that I get to come here every day and do what I love...write what I love about. Shoes make me happy. You make me happy. :) Thank you, I Heart Heels readers!!!! (oh, and here's exactly how it all went down...my handy dandy new badge is located in the sidebar to the right)

"Earlier this afternoon, we were proud to have shared the most influential Fohr Card bloggers from Fashion Week S/S 2014. We are even more pleased that your work has garnered you recognition amongst the top influencers. You can find a badge attached, in the event you'd like to share with your community via social media channels."

[Photo Courtesy Fohr Card]

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