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Monday, November 18, 2013

Paraben-free Hydration, Anyone?

Oh, hi, pretty body lotions that are paraben free! Hydration during the winter is a must, am I right gals? Besides the fact that it just feels darn good to pamper yourself with something special after a bath or shower. While I haven't personally tried these Lulah body lotions just yet, they're going on "the list." 

The lotions come in Lulah's signature scents: Peony, Magnolia, Fig, Citron, Tamarind Ginger and Vanilla Orchid. (ohhhhh, I bet Peony is delightful...one of my wedding flowers!) You can purchase them on Lulah.com for $13.25 each, and they make such great stocking stuffers or gifts! I'm imagining all five beautiful bottles lined up in a row on the beauty counter (but then D. brings me back to earth insisting the counter is full...sigh.). Beauty girl problems.

[Photos Courtesy Lulah]

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