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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Holidays Are Here

Now that Halloween, is over, I consider the holidays to be here! (After all, Starbucks did break out their holiday cups this weekend...) About a month ago I was sent the yummiest scents on the planet, and had to try very hard not to go ahead and set them out. And I still have to make myself wait a few more weeks (the rule is after Thanksgiving around here) before I officially do. But I've been waving the Thymes Frasier Fir scent in front of my pretty little nose to get ready for the coming season, and it just makes me sooooo anxious to head to the tree farm with little C. to cut down our annual tree! Thymes offers this scent in five forms: Scented Pomander ($36), Scented Botanical Ornament ($12), Seasonal Wood Wick Candle ($40), Pine Needle Design Poured Candle ($28), and Porcelain Wax Warmer and Scented Wax Melt ($25).

Any way you burn it, you're gonna love it! Trust. 
And then there's the Soap and Paper Factory Roland Pine Collection, which I also can't get enough of, girlies. Di-vine. It truly brings a pine forest into your home. Who doesn't love that? ;) Products in the collection include Oil Diffusers ($32), Votive Candles ($11), Soy Candles ($28), Shea Butter Soaps ($8), and Room Sprays ($18).

I'm a personal fan of any soy candle and could burn one every, single day. Especially during the holidays! If you don't go ahead and buy one for your own home, these make amazing gifts! (hint, hint) 

[Photos Courtesy Thymes; Soap & Paper Factory]

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