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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Perfect Smokey Eye from Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown. It's one brand neither my mother nor I can live without, truly. It's timeless and women of all ages worship it. Why? Because I've honestly never really met a Bobbi Brown product I didn't like. While my mother slathers on the Beach lotion religiously, my fav products from BB are the eye collections. I've been using a huge eye shadow palette from her for forever (um, how long are you supposed to keep eye shadow, again? Sorry, it's hard to part.). But the latest is one of the greatest, gals! The Smokey Eye Collection. I mean, it's really what Bobbi does best. 

First of all, check out Katie Holmes' eyes above, and you'll realize how much you need this collection. Incredibly beautiful, indeed! While there's a Smokey Eye Mascara ($26), I've personally been trying out all of the Smokey Eye Kajal Liners ($24 each). And besides the BB eyebrow pencil I'm obsessed with, this, my dears, is my latest obsession. The kohl-like formula just glides onto the eyelid (it doesn't miss spots, become flaky or anything horrible like we've seen in come brands). It's creamy - and easy. And it's not even a "liquid" liner! It's truly one of the easiest pencils I've worked with, and I've tested out a lot. 

So there you have it. Neat, dark and sultry (in an array of gorge colors, might I add. Choose from basic black and brown or there's amazing, yet subtle colors like "black amethyst" or "jade."). But what else? Bring on the smoke! There's a special smudging tip at the other end that allows you to really work your magic come makeup time. Sometimes I use the smudger, sometimes I don't! But when I do, the drama unfolds. It really makes it much easier to create the perfect smokey eye for those of us who aren't exactly makeup applying experts, if you will. 

These products are brand-new and available NOW, so I suggest you run and get them for fall/winter. It's the answer to your perfect smokey eye! Not to mention, the effect is even moreso when you get the mascara. High volume. No clumping. It's a match made in smokey eye heaven. ;)

P.S. Tomorrow's my official maternity shoot with a professional photog (who happens to be an ol' sorority sister), and I can't WAIT to get all glam for the morning! My makeup look actually involves a smokey eye, and I can't wait to show you the results on here next month. Stay tuned! xo

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