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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: FabKids...for Boys!!

My sweet, sweet little C. GOSH, he is the sweetest kid ever. How will baby L. even come close? I often wonder how I'll have enough love to give to another when my heart is so full for this lil' guy. But as every mother of two or more can say, I do believe the love just pours out once again and your heart explodes double. I can't wait to grow my family, and it's getting SO close now! I know I've been posting baby after baby after baby piece on here, so I wanted to revisit my toddler boy arena again and fill you in on little C. and his happenings as of late. Might I say we're obsessed with FabKids and the fact that they now have BOYS clothing?! Yes. Finally. Thank you! Fun boy's clothing every month that doesn't break the bank. And, bonus, it's already styled for you. (this is an extra bonus for boys, in my opinion because it's so much harder to be creative)

FabKids must be a fan of ol' Whiny Wednesdays because they knew exactly what to send little C. without even asking. You know, guys, he loves orange. Just look at the brand-new New Balance kicks we found for "school" this fall! They're just perfect. And they're so stinking cute when he wears this FabKids outfit, for sure. He's all decked out! Here he's wearing:

- New Rock City Tee ($28): it's a 2-in-1 tee (the striped part is actually attached)! I adore the camo and stripes mix. This is a popular tee and almost sold out, so hurry!

- Skinny (orange!) Chino ($28): These pants fit him perfectly, while they have a straighter fit, they're by no means too "skinny" so don't let the title fool you. We've tried way skinnier options that just weren't comfy, and these are. Also, love the adjustable waistband because little C. always ends up wearing these much longer. Nice.

- And while the socks included were extra cool (multi-color stripes and lime green with blue!), you can't see them here. But trust me, they're super soft and I love how thin they are, so they fit better inside his tennis shoes. He absolutely loves their wild colors, of course. 

So...go to FabKids, create a quick style profile (takes 2 seconds) and begin shopping the outfits they've already styled for you ("they" includes celeb Christina Applegate!). Three pieces each month are $39.95 and they arrive within one week (free shipping)! You just can't beat that, mamas.

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