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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Sweetest Stroller/Car Seat Combo on the Block

Everyone ready for a short week?? We don't start our family gathering until tomorrow, so I'll, no doubt, be up late packing away. (Leggings, please.) Can't wait to show the in-laws my bump that's grown significantly since I last saw them (wait. Yes, I can!). And as this bump gets towards the 30-week mark, I'm finalizing all the baby gear goodness. By far, my fav of ANYthing, is the amazing UPPAbaby Cruz stroller (complete with toddler Piggyback!) and Mesa car seat sent to us. Definitely giving thanks this week for this. 

After not really loving what we used with little C (the car seat was WAY too heavy...the stroller was awkward to open/close...), these new replacements are a dream. I've already been testing out the toddler version of the stroller (which retails for $459.99; PiggyBack is extra) with little C a bit (he doesn't mind the lavender...wink.), and it's so agile and easy. It's a smooth ride and I can place anything I want in the bottom basket. Of course, little C. looooves that he can be a part of it all, with the handy Piggyback ride-along attachment on the bottom back. What will they think of next? I also love how easy it is to switch back and forth from the car seat and regular stroller settings. They just pop right in! (Although I am still getting used to popping the car seat in.) Everything is just easy on this stroller...the size is compact (hello, city moms!), right down to the brake is super-duper easy....press it down once with your foot, voila! The company dubs the Cruz a "compact stroller without compromise." It has a reversible seat (!), one-handed position seat recline and shock-absorbing front + rear suspension. Sweeeeet ride, to say the least! 
Of course, at first baby L will be riding in her car seat, which attaches to the stroller like below. This will definitely help for the in-and-out of the car transitions, especially if she's sleeping (I could only be so lucky!). I like this neutral (wheat) hue, and did I mention it's half the weight of our last car seat. MAJOR. The Mesa is the first car seat made by the brand, and has so many bells and whistles. The canopy has a 50+ SPF; there's a 1-push stroller release on the carry handle; the headrest is adjustable with special Side Impact Profection; a no-retread harness. It also has a 10-second accurate install, they call the SmartSecure System. A tension indicator turns from red to green to let you know the base is installed correctly in your car. It's for 4-35 lbs and retails for $279.99. I can't wait to use it oh-so-very-soon! She'll be both safe and stylish in her UPPAbaby! 

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