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Monday, December 9, 2013

Everyone Needs REN Skin

GOODness. Can I tell you something before I go into the real goodness of REN's amazing skincare products, please? We've been braving an "ice storm" down south since Thursday evening/Friday morning. When I say I have a major case of cabin fever, I'm not lying one bit. I might literally start pulling every beauty product I own out of the cabinet and organizing them by type, and then alphabetically. If it wasn't for Saturday's quick lunch outing (when the roads were bearable for a sec), then yesterday's Starbucks jaunt, I would be a lovely, pregnant mess. But one with good skin, eh? I'm done complaining (but might I add I may or may not be even getting out today...le sigh...), and on to talk about REN and my undying love for it. It's beyond words, really!

REN has been in my "best of beauty" books for quite some time now...totally quenches the skin and revives it like no other. Feels good...smells good...is good (no bad ingredients). So when I caught wind of their new Rosa Centifolia and Vita Mineral product launches coming out next month, I squealed! Each of the two lines has two brand-new products for you to try come January (rest assured, I'm already trying the Rosa Centifolia and love them! Slathering my skin with beauty products like these over the past several days stuck inside has made it all a-ok). 

From Rosa Centifolia, there's a 3-in-1 cleansing water and makeup remover, that gosh, golly I heart. (anything that's called a "milk" for the skin usually leads to goodness) The cleansing water, like all REN products, feels so delicate and good on the skin. It's free of alcohol, soap and detergent, so it's way gentle even on the eye area (if you're interested in looking young, longer, anyone?). It's $22 and worth it. The makeup remover ($25) is gentle as well, but still removes it all, including pesky (!) waterproof mascara (which I really hesitate to wear anyway...it's so annoying). Think purity here...and no tightness at all!

From the Vita Mineral line, we have the Emollient Rescue Cream ($38) and a Lip Balm ($15). I'm now wishing I had this lip balm to try because my lips are beyond. Welcome to dry season, girls! This one sounds amazing because it's both mineral oil and petroleum free (which you might not think about leaving out of your lip balm, but you should!). The emollient cream is great for dry skin and is meant to really cleanse moderate to intense dry/rough skin (which thankfully I don't have). It soothes skin during this harsh weather and protects against the environment (great for you city girls who walk everywhere?). 

I'm gonna have to applaud REN once again for introducing another batch of supreme products. Post-Christmas, use your money of these products and they won't disappoint.

Now, here's to hoping the weather lets up and I get back into the real world by tomorrow...peeptoes crossed...


  1. "The emollient cream is great for dry skin and is meant to really cleanse moderate to intense dry/rough skin (which thankfully I don't have)."

    Why would a moisturizer cleanse skin?

    1. Cleanse as in rid of dehydration and other harsh environmental factors. Maybe the proper word is quench. Is that better?


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