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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Major Holiday Handbag Alert!

I'm pretty much obsessed with Joelle Hawkens as well as the Treesje line-up within the brand. (I have this purple crossbody from several months back, and it's just the cutest lil' thing.) There are tons of great bags for holiday (who doesn't love a new handbag for holiday, right? they def go hand in hand), but the two here are my favorites. I absolutely adore the slouchiness of the Joelle Hawkens brand, and the Capital above (in antique grey) is gorgeous times 1000. Words really can't express my love for this bag. Slouchy bags are chic bags in moi opinion because they're so great for everyday (and throwing lots of things in....blush). But not only is the silhouette on this one right up my alley, but the unique hue is a go-with-anything deal, and such a great holiday find for $228. *Currently clearing room in my handbag closet for this one.*

If you're looking for more pristine these days, you holiday party girl, you, then look at the gold evening crossbody below. I mean, gold lace cutouts, hello! This is how you do a holiday handbag, girls. Don't be afraid to go straight to Nordstrom.com, JoelleHawkens.com, Bloomingdales.com or Treesje.com. It's way too easy to purchase these sweet, sweet holiday beauties.

[Photos Courtesy Joelle Hawkens by Treesje]

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