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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Chic (Pregnancy Style)

Hey, y'all! Anyone not quite into the routine again post-Thanksgiving? (raising both peeptoes...err, sneaker wedges...here) We had such a nice, long break...ate lots of turkey...visited with family out of town...even stopped by and met Santa, cut down a tree and decorated the entire house. Lots of events! So. much. fun. And then...it was time for D. to get back to work, and me to resume my stay-at-home/work-at-home/whatever-you-want-to-call me position with little C. and baby L. in tow. These days it's getting trickier and trickier to stay energized (no caffeine, what?) and to dress as well. Since I just did an outfit post (did you enter to win this bag...and did you see the maxi dress?), I'm not quite ready to show you another one for a couple more weeks (trying to space out the pics, so you can literally see the bump grow!). But, in case you're not following me on instagram (shame!) @iheartheels, I thought I'd share with you a glimpse at least of what I wore for Thanksgiving. 

Even when not expecting, I like to wear pants with stretch, so it was the easier thing when deciding "hello, black leggings." I bought a pair with cute ruching at the ankles from Nicole Richie's line from A Pea in the Pod back in 2009 with my first pregnancy. They were pricier than I would've liked to spend on leggings, but now I'm so glad I splurged because I wear them all. the. time. now. You can't see here, but I'm still wearing my sneaker wedges (these were the black REPORT pair), and they've really been a lifesaver to not feeling quite so pregnant this last trimester. I can still feel chic, gals!

The striped poncho I bought at Bloomingdale's last September during fashion week. It was literally the last thing I purchased when I skipped out on a couple of shows for fear of a tornado hitting NYC (yes, there really was a threat, y'all!). So when in fear, go indoor shopping? :) I really have no idea the brand, but it was only about $65-75, and who knew I would be wearing it so much a year later (lifesaver). I love how the sleeves are fitted, yet the belly is flouncy. It's short in the back, so I just wear a black fitted cami I love from the Gap to cover up my extra baggage back there. ;) And, of course, what I initially fell in love with is the stripes - and black/creme contrast. Such a a relief to have stripes going the other way, yes?

Pregnancy style can be so simple, sometimes I think we overthink it. Something with stretch...something with (vertical) stripes...sneaker wedges for oomph. I'm goooood to go through the end, girlfriends. Let's do this thing.

P.S. I'm feeling amazing, with little to no swelling (I've been proactive seeing a chiropractor this time and I really think it's been a dream!). Still working out doing cardio and Pilates at the gym and attempting to not eat the kitchen table (so hard over the holidays). All in all, I can't complain and I just hope these last two months treat me just as well. Then I'll be back in my peeptoes in no time! xoxo

One more thing...
Did I mention I've literally survived this pregnancy off of KIND bars? They're sooooo good! I used to see them in stores and scowl at them, wondering who on earth would eat those?? After I sampled them several months ago for the first time, I've been hooked ever since. It's my daily breakfast...and sometimes snack. ;) Which works out because apparently protein is the one of the best things during pregnancy. My favorite flavors are the Almond + Coconut, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein and Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt (mmmmm!). 

This holiday season, KIND has the perfect gift for me (err, anyone!) - The KIND Healthy Indulgence Cube ($42.95). It features a sleek, pop-open box full of 20 delicious KIND bars in assorted flavors. And guess what? KIND bars are supermodel Karlie Kloss’ go-to!

 [Photo via KIND]

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