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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Best Thickening Shampoo Ev-er

When I'm randomly sent a shampoo...that I begin to love...that is vegan...that works...I have to tell the country.  That's just all there is to it. It's the Fat Hair "0" Calories line of thickening products from Samy, and while I have tons of hair, it can fall flat and limp in an instant. We're talking before you can say peeptoe.

It's pretty amazing how this super lightweight formula of natural proteins and extracts can make the hair so much stronger and healthier in just a few shampoos. (By the way, vegan means it doesn't have sulfates, or any of the bad stuff...so it's pretty amazing how well the products work.) It usually makes my hair feel softer too, which I love. I took a quick Instagram above of my hair after I first started using it, and wow. I never realized how blonde my hair had really gotten. (insert a few tears...it used to be so red) And this is without my regular blonde highlighting maintenence, since I'm pregnant. Sometimes when I switch between shampoos it will lighter my hair a bit, so maybe it's the shampoo? Who knows. But I do know I'm loving the way my hair feels each time I use this shampoo and conditioner (and D. says the scent is great, too). If your hair is fine like mine, it's a line-up you should definitely try out (I actually ran across it at my local Kroger grocery store, so look for it in the aisles...completely affordable!). And way worth it for that thicker, healthier hair.
[Bottom photo via Fat Hair]

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