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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: It's Christmas (Card!) Time

Have you ever chosen a Christmas card for the back of it? This year, that's precisely what I did...and I'm not one bit ashamed of it! I'm a chevron-loving fool, y'all. You, of course, know that by now. I had chevron at my gender reveal party, and baby L's crib sheets are pink chevron (not to mention she also has a toy chest with gray chevron on the top.). I'm pretty obsessed, especially now that I can use it to its full potential with baby girl. Swoon. :) I've also been really into mixing metallics lately, and love a great gold or silver with practically anything. Not to mention, it's just so festive this time of year, no? So, when I saw the Glitzy Giggles holiday card from Tiny Prints, I was immediately smitten. I looked no further (even though the cards are square and require slightly more postage...that's love, folks.)

The above photo is the glorious back of the card (and you can also get red or black instead of green, but little C's plaid shirt in the photo we used was green). Isn't it gorge? I must admit, I stare at it all the time...buuuuut, now that the card is final and with little C's smiling chompers on the front, I obviously stare at that side more. (Have I mentioned to you past seasons I never do the entire family on the cover? Before kids, I was always so anti-Christmas-card, but I love the idea these days of sending an updated photo of the kid(s) every season! Seems less cheesy...shrug. Ok, and fine, I don't want my photo sent out.)

I always choose a pretty classic design, but there are tons, including a great new Rebecca Minkoff collab this season, to choose from on TinyPrints.com. She's one of my fav designers (carrying her Knocked Up baby bag like whoa!), so you should def check them out for a chicer version of a card. But, if I don't say so myself, I think the one I chose is pretty darn chic and eye-catching, and the entire process is as easy as pie. Tiny Prints makes it just a few clicks of choosing your options, personalizing and voila! Then, you can have an email proof sent to you, or have them on their way to you (or even have Tiny Prints mail them)! They also have really cute return address labels, etc. 

I'm hooked on Tiny Prints and this year's Christmas card. You can tell? ;) Now...on to choosing baby announcements...EEK!

P.S. Tiny Prints offered to send me a set of cards in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are my own. Been loving the brand for years. xoxo

[Bottom photo via Tiny Prints]

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