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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Little Black Bib

Once again, I'm in love with baby clothes. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I can't help myself! I myself am stuck in capes and leggings (chic, don't get me wrong...but a very limited wardrobe, girls), so I have to live vicariously through this baby's closet! :) Just the other day I was thinking about how we don't own many cute bibs for baby L. Of course, she can wear the blue and green bibs passed down from little C., but when I think of bibs for little girls, for some reason, I think of cutesy. And while ALL of her bibs don't have to be perfection, I thought it would be special to at least have a few to show off while she's gulping down her milk or chowing down (eventually) on her cereal. Enter Sara Kety and her cuuuuute designs. 

The idea of the string of pearls for this southern gal was just too much! Mom, why didn't I have one of these?? Both the bib and the onesie (hello, complete with pink Chanel-lookalike purse) are beyond words. And while some mamas refuse to put their babies in black (hey, it does come in pink if you do!), I have no fear. In fact, I think it will be so chic. ;) I decided she has way too much pink in her closet, anyway.

I'm pretty excited to try these out on baby L. The onesie is going to be absolutely perfect for those hot, summer days, and once fashion week rolls around in September, I may or may not just have to put her in this as we watch a livestream show or two. Don't put this past me, girls. ;)

P.S. Sara Kety makes so many delightfully funny onesies and bibs (footsies and tees, too!), for both girl and boy. You've really gotta go on her site and check them out. Promise you'll love.


  1. How much is this cute onsie & bib?

  2. How much for this black onesie?

  3. http://www.amazon.com/Sara-Kety-Pink-bag-pearls-Black/dp/B007IXSZP4


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