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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Our Motorola Video Monitor is Life-Changing

Someone was looking out for us when this particular product fell into my lap (well, you know, when I opened the box from the delivery company) because the very day after I received it for testing, I found out the monitor we used with little C. was recalled. So crazy, right? The first night I opened the Motorola Video Monitor (MBP43-2...retail: $299.99), I started playing with it...so fun! A new gadget! (this is what us new moms get excited about, ya know...no shame.) I immediately charged it overnight, and the following night it was ready to set up and use. Squeal!

See the cute lil' web cam above? I placed it on little C's bookshelf, and he hasn't even noticed. Yeah, I'm surprised, too. I just so happened to place it in the perfect spot the very first time, too, so I'm pretty proud of myself. This particular video monitor came with two web cams, so the other one will be used for baby L. and we can toggle between the two. Isn't that superbly perfect?! They just plug right into the wall, and the only rule is for it to be at least three feet from a crib, etc. for safety's sake. 

The bottom photo shows the parent unit that goes by (ahem, my side of) the bed. It also just plugs right into the wall, and has a stand on the back of it to place on your nightstand. This is, in fact, our first video monitor ever, so I'm wondering how we quite possibly lived without one with little C. for so long. It's life-changing, girls! There are so many cool features, I'll tell you about my favorites:

- You can pan, tilt and zoom from afar...yep, right from your parent unit! Like I said, I was able to get the perfect view right away, but this will surely come in handy with the baby. 
- Night vision. Enough said...the view of little C. is awesome, even with the lights out. Not even fuzzy.
- Temperature. This is so silly, but one of my favorite things is you can see the temperature in the room at all times. It's helpful to know when to turn up or down the air! 
- Sounds settings. You can turn the volume up or down all the way as you like from your parent unit, but still keep the video on. 
- Two-way communication. I haven't used this with little C. because I don't want him to "discover" me (and it might freak him out just a little bit, haha), but this will be so awesome with baby L. There are even lullabies you can play from the monitor. The things they come up with!

And while it comes with two cameras, it's expandable up to four for the whole house. It really is great peace of mind being able to spy (err, watch) little C. from the other room. And while I must admit I'm still getting used to not constantly rolling over to check on him, I know after a few more weeks of using it, it will be old hat. Just actually wish I could see him make his move as he comes to join us in bed...miss it every time. ;)

P.S. Look for another review once baby L. arrives and we've started using in the nursery! 

One more thing...
Motorola is doing a deal at Target for the holidays (now through the end of December): buy the MBP36 video monitor and get a three-pack of Dr. Brown's bottles for free! Amazing deal, right?! Love both these products, so you should totally scoop them up this month! xo

One more thing...

It's time for the annual alice + olivia/Baby Buggy toy drive. 

In case you're unfamiliar, Baby Buggy is a charity that provides essential gear and services to families in need. To support this great cause, you can head into any of the alice + olivia store locations and donate a new pack of diapers, books or toys!

And...with every donation, you'll get a 15% discount on all full-price merchandise starting now through December 24. Since I sadly have no alice + olivia stores near me (true story), do it for me, k? ;) Think of it as a good cause for a good pair of shoes. Wink.

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