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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shopbop has an iPhone App...Squeal!

As if I needed another excuse to shop, girls. Do not need. But, hey! I'll take it. One of my fav online shopping destinations of all time (I mean, whose isn't?) is Shopbop - and they just announced they now have an iPhone app. Giggles, squeals, all-around high-fives up way high in the air. 

This app is major for the girl-on-the-go (ahem, anyone with me? sometimes I use my kid's walkie talkie just to communicate to the other room while I'm busy doing something, folks.). Obvi when you're on the go, you've still gotta shop, so...enter this app that is so groundbreaking. Why? Because Shopbop has pretty much every brand imaginable (might I insert amazing brand). They've either always got something new I'm pining over, or something I'm so ready to scoop up because it just went on mega sale. It's just too hard to resist - and now it's at my fingertips, eek! Danger zone, really.

So in addition to just being fabulous for being, here are some key features I thought I'd share (how cute is the My Hearts feature?):

·       *An easy-to-shop selection of 500+ established and emerging labels
·       *Fashion editorials and styling tips
·       *Personalization features including your favorite items in My Hearts (awwwwww)
·       *Curated boutiques for every season and occasion
·       *Push notifications on low inventory and sale alerts
·       *Free express international delivery and free returns in the US and Canada
·       *Easy login with your Amazon.com account 
        *Amazon Prime members enjoy Prime shipping benefits within the USA 

      I'm so ready to jump on this mobile shopping bandwagon. Just need to start a lil' Shopbop savings account! Know what I mean? ;)


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