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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Ceiling Solar System Fun

little C. knows what he likes. Cars, tools, duct tape, balls, dinosaurs, Legos, planets. In a nutshell. He's so funny! So when I saw this ceiling solar system from The Land of Nod, I knew he had to have it. Especially, since baby L. was getting those cool dragonflies and butterflies on her ceiling. ;)

Besides the fact that it's the cool solar system, it glows in the dark. I mean, what more could a four-year-old boy ask for? Needless to say, when he opened this present on his birthday he was way excited. (Too bad it took us a couple of weeks before we stirred up the energy to hang them!) The photo above shows how we first hung them, kinda like the product shot below. (And little C. has clouds painted on his ceiling, so they're even more perfect aesthetically.) Until recently, he wanted to spread them out so he could actually see all of them better lying in bed at night. So, we did. And his room is now definitely his own. And I don't mind because kids should have fun with their room, be creative and totally have fun with it. So even though I liked them in the corner a lot, I let him lead the way and hang them how he wanted. All around the ceiling.

And, just so you know, the site says "hanging hardware not included", but ours came with the string (you just tie a knot) and tacks to push in the ceiling that are super sturdy (no worries, mamas), as well as additional glow-in-the-dark star stickers (um, 200 to be exact) to stick on the ceiling.

For just $22, I highly rec this for any little boy over the age of three!
[Bottom photo via The Land of Nod]

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