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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Chic Burpies? Oh, Yes!

Just when you thought I couldn't go more gaga over my impending little girl arrival, I did. Introducing cute burp cloths. Yes, I went there. You knew I would! Obvi I had some pretty cute ones with little C., but for the most part, I used standard white ones I received in bulk and never thought twice about it. For baby L., I thought, burpies, hmmmm. They're gonna be seen in public, so they've gotta be cute. And luckily, Baby JaR was kind enough to send me a set of their Poppy design (my sister swears these were her most fav burpies of all with her now 2-year-old!). 

A set of three is $36, and you can even have them monogrammed (for extra) to make them even cuter. You can also buy them in a set of just two for $25. I personally LOVE this design - with the mix of pink and hot pink. They are actually just the thing right now to drape over our changing pad in the nursery (because while it's super modern and cool, it has some orange on it, and detracts a little from the pink scheme). They really fit in with baby L's room! And while they're 100-percent cotton, I swear there's some magic ingredient that makes them softer than any other I've ever felt. I washed them just this past weekend, and kept wanting to hold onto them...soooo soft!

Now that I've spoiled myself, I'll never be able to own an average burp cloth again. ;)

P.S. The brand also sells towels, robes, blankets, bibs, etc. Check them out!

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