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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Chicest Nursing Bra EVER

Hello, hello! Just a few more weeks, gals. And I'll be done talking pregnancy and boring you with baby...and things like nursing. Sorta, awk, right? But it's such a part of my life right now, and I know there are many of you either expecting or who will be expecting soon, so I feel it's important to spread the chic word. I mean, you can have a nursing bra...and then you can have a CHIC nursing bra. It's important, stuff. 

The chicest nursing bra in my closet right now (which must boast almost 20 bras in every size in the world) is this one sent to me by Boob Design. (gotta love the name, right? they make great stuff!) I don't care how comfy any bra is, if I hate looking at it, it's very hard to wear. Shrug. This one comes in different colors, but having a baby girl and all, I just had to go with pink. It actually makes me cheery just slipping it on these days. It's the little things. You know I designed baby L's nursery with pink and white polka dots, so this here kinda fits the whole theme.  ;)

The bra is called Nursing Bra Fast Food ($55)...so hilarious, yes? It's been awarded so many awards, and I see why. While every bra has its pros and cons, especially when it comes to nursing (and often it takes awhile to figure them out), this bra is great for not only its aesthetics, but its comfort (plus, it doesn't show seams or bulges under your clothing!). I love the seamless fit because it doesn't irritate and dig, like many underwires do. But it still offers that support you need, and it's stretchy for the loveliness of changing sizes so often. It's fast-drying too, so I've been able to wear it while walking and doing mild exercise. 

I know nursing is not going to be easy, but I'm so glad I have something pretty to get me through it. ;)

[Photo via Boob Design]

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