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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: What I'll Be Packing for the Hospital

Ok, by now you know I'm having a baby girl...right? please? Ok, whew, thank you! I'm really counting down as I'm less than TWO weeks away, y'all. Clap your hands and say YEAH. So...the Virgo in me has had her hospital bag mostly packed for the last month, and this jewel of a nightie has gone in it (among some pretty amazing nursing bras, tanks and things I'll be wearing home that I can't wait to tell you about later!). Whatcha think? I think I'm ready to have this baby so I can lounge around in it! :) Of course I'm saving this beautiful braided Milk nursing gown sent to me for the hospital, but...I have tested it out and the comfort level is beyond. It's bamboo, after all!

I love that it's eco-friendly, of course, but that also means it's totally breathable and antibacterial (which is extra-great in flu-ridden February). And since I'll be nursing right away, all you have to do is lift the empire seam...whew. That's one less stress on me. What's even cooler to me is this puppy even has pockets inside of it for nursing pads...holy whoa. That's fancy! 

The longer hemline is perfect as I like to wear gowns in the hospital because they're easier and I tend to be hot natured, and the cut of the gown is completely flattering with the empire waist! In fact, I wouldn't be at all embarrassed to wear this answering the doorbell (as I know I'll be doing with baby L.) in my PJs! Shoot, I wouldn't even put it past me to wear it to the grocery store with some leggings and cute boots. I mean, it really does not appear to be a nightgown, folks. It's pretty chic and the purple is an excellent shade! (although it does come in several)

If you love it like me, it's on sale now for just $28.99...which is such a steal for something so luxe. I know I'm going to love the freedom and nonbinding fit of this gown come birth and post-baby time. This is chic simplicity as its best. 

And now for the really fun part! The hospital gown. ;)
When I had little C., I wore this same gown from dearjohnnies in the blue/white polka-dot version, the Ellie. So when I saw they had a pink one (the Lucy, $68), I squealed and squealed. LOVE it. Happily, they offered to send me one for the special day, and I am just overjoyed. Three cheers for not having to wear that awful gown they hand you upon arrival at the hospital! If I'm going to be in labor, I want to feel good about myself as much as possible (no joke, this is even in my birth plan..."I will wear my own clothes."). Not that I'll really be thinking about it, but hey, I might. ;) So when I found out I'd be wearing this gown (trimmed with grosgrain ribbon and decorative ties down the snap back), I knew I had to have the matching robe (oh, yes, I did). My mother-in-law bought me the Lucy flannel robe ($78) below and I know this will be a lifesaver (it also arrived in the cutest storage bag that I just might pack to use for other things like toothpaste, a hairbrush, etc.). A robe is one of the number-one best things you'll need in your labor and delivery bag, and for the many months afterwards that you'll spend at home in your robe. Wink. 

P.S. The gown also has snap-down shoulders so it's easy to breastfeed and 10-percent of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer research. They also have "samples" on the robes ($45) that have slight defects, if you're looking to save a buck. But, seriously...aren't they adorable??

[Photo via Milk; dearjohnnies]

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