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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: What's A Tortle?

Goodness gracious, how cute...right?! Pretty soon I'll have a bundle of my own (I'm finally on the last month...whew!). Can't wait to cuddle a baby, y'all!

On a slightly more serious note, did you know Flat Head Syndrome is a thing? One out of every two babies is actually diagnosed with this, and I had no idea. The baby here is wearing a fairly new product called the Tortle, which is now available on Target.com, and it helps prevent/treat this syndrome.

"Through Target.com we will have an opportunity to further increase awareness of Flat Head Syndrome and the ease in which it can be prevented or treated." -- Dr. Jane Scott, Tortle Creator

It's a basically a lightweight knit beanie and was developed by a pediatrician, Dr. Jane Scott. Target.com will carry three Tortle designs; Blue Elephant, Pink Flowers and Solid White. The beanies are available in medium and large sizes for just $19.99.

The Tortle promotes proper head and neck movement, which is essential to baby's development. The product works by gently deflecting a baby’s head from side to side when they're sitting or lying on the back of their head.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends regular head repositioning of babies younger than six months.

I'm pretty excited to learn about this product, and pretty much squealed over the cute designs as well. Now I'm really thinking baby L. needs one - something I hadn't yet thought of, can you believe?

[Photo Courtesy Tortle]

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