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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Whiny Wednesdays: Baby Mitts...Squeal!

One of the final things I remembered I might need for baby L. as I prepare for her arrival was baby mitts...eek! Such a small thing, literally (!), but so needed when she's first born. I remember little C. always trying to scratch himself, and we would use the onesies with the built-in mittens a lot. Well, those went bye-bye because they were way overused from him, and many of baby L's (much fancier) pieces of attire don't have the built-in mittens, so...enter guavakids to save the day! Mamas, I looooove our guavamitts! They're bamboo-derived, along with an organic cotton blend, so they're super-duper soft and amazing for baby to touch her face all she wants. 

I just love the bubble print they come in, too. Ours are green (shown above) and even reverse to black. You wouldn't think of black for baby, but I love how mod the black is, actually. It's one of my fav "looks"! There are a few other prints and colors (blue, cream, pink), and at $12 for a pair, you can't beat that. And never fear, they also sell guavaboots ($16) that are just as fun.

They're proof that essentials that used to be boring can be cute and fun, and I love that! So modern, and yet word is they actually stay on...gasp! Can't wait to use these in the cold month of February. Come on, baby L, we're ready for ya. ;)

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