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Monday, February 3, 2014

Drew Barrymore Hearts GODIVA

    Regardless of personal style taste, you gotta love Drew Barrymore. You just gotta, right? She's so endearing and lovely and ET is just the best. So when I found out she was expecting the same time as me, I dorked out and thought it was so cool! Although I think she's a couple months behind me (I'm due within the week!), I've been enjoying keeping up with her pregnancy and red carpet style (and I'm still dying to try her Flower Beauty line!). She also has a new book out Find it in Everything that's available in GODIVA stores. If that's not a great place to sell your book, I mean, what is?

    Drew's book is actually a collection of heart-shaped images - and, of course, GODIVA is known for their heart-shaped boxes (hey, and you know we love a good heart around here!). Doesn't she look precious posing here in a Joie sweater? Heart her to pieces, as I love to say.
    When asked about her pregnancy cravings at the L.A. launch event, Drew quickly replied “anything salty and sweet”—while she normally indulges in a couple pieces of chocolate, she noted that when you're pregnant, those couple pieces turn into a lot more. (goodness, I hear ya, girl! it's about back to the grind for me...)

    This V-Day, GODIVA has chocolate-dipped Oreos and chocolate-covered pretzels...hold me back! Maybe that will be my first thing I request post-delivery. ;) At the event, Drew hand-picked a selection of truffles from the chocolate case to put in GODIVA’s heart-shaped satin box including the Salted Almond, Birthday Cake and Hazelnut Crunch Truffle – she was looking forward to sharing the chocolate with her husband...so sweet!

Find it in Everything, Drew’s collection of heart-shaped photographs that she has collected over the past 10 years, will be available in GODIVA boutiques as a gift with purchase for $50 and online at GODIVA.com for a gift with purchase for anything over $65. To kick-off Valentine’s Day, Drew Barrymore and GODIVA are encouraging chocolate lovers to share pictures of ‘what melts your heart’ on GODIVA’s Facebook Page to have the opportunity to attend a meet and greet with Drew and receive a signed copy of her book as well as a year’s worth of GODIVA chocolate.

[Photo Credit: Startraks Photo]

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